Estes Improves Across Top 10 Performance Categories in 2022 National Survey

Estes Improves Across Top 10 Performance Categories in 2022 National Survey

Estes is the only national LTL carrier to improve across each of the top 10 performance categories in the 2022 LTL Carrier Customer Value and Loyalty Study, conducted by research company Mastio.

Mastio’s annual LTL ranking identifies and quantifies the needs of LTL shippers throughout the U.S. and is a nationally recognized measurement of carrier performance, based solely on customer feedback. The study asks customers to rate carriers on a variety of metrics, including as on-time pickup and delivery, damages, shortages, pricing, billing accuracy, freight tracking capabilities, problem resolution, customer service, and trustworthiness.

“We are so proud to have improved across Mastio’s top 10 performance categories this year,” says Estes VP of Process Improvement Webb Estes. “We’re committed to going the extra mile for our customers every day and are so happy to know our hard work is translating into a better shipping experience for the people we serve.”

The results of Mastio’s survey also showed that shippers believe Estes provides the highest value of all its competitors. And the largest privately owned freight carrier advanced by two places in Mastio’s overall national carrier ranking. This is the fourth consecutive year Estes has improved its Mastio performance score.

“We certainly take great pride in the investments we’ve made to deliver an improved experience for our customers this year, but we want them to know we’re not stopping here,” Estes says. “We have so many more exciting improvements to come that will make freight shipping even easier in 2023.”


About Estes
Estes is the largest, privately-owned freight carrier in North America. As an asset-based transportation provider with a global footprint, Estes always goes the extra mile to deliver reliable freight solutions and exceptional service that keep its customers coming back. Ethical and honest, with over 90 years of freight shipping expertise, Estes has worked through the decades to build a robust fleet and vast network of over 10,000 doors and more than 270 terminals. And the company’s comprehensive transportation solutions are backed by its continued investment in technology resources, as well as the support of more than 22,000 fiercely committed employees. Estes offers comprehensive freight shipping solutions, including Less Than Truckload (LTL)Volume and TruckloadTime Critical GuaranteedCustom Shipping and Logistics, and Final Mile.


About Mastio
Mastio, celebrating 33 years in business, specializes in providing an independent third-party perspective for clients who want to truly assess their corporate image, discover their perceived level of customer value, find new customers, understand the strengths and weaknesses of the competition, and supplement their market intelligence. Our strength is in helping clients re-think established norms, eliminate internal biases, collect and analyze data and transform market research into actions that achieve superior business results.